SF Graphics has an ideal high quality pursuit environment.
We also constantly make the effort to raise the integrity of our graphics designs and the technological capabilities that support that integrity.
We have established a system that enables us to undertake pre- or overall-production of consumer-game graphics and develop in-house tools such as renderers and shaders that enhance expressive capabilities. We release middleware and develop original games. We are also determined to consistently respond to user’s direct feedback in thereby improving the creation of products that fully satisfy both clients and users.
We intend to strive to produce even better results, including challenging new fields.


Creation of computer graphics designs

Regardless of platform or category, we pursue and provide best quality solutions that will be sure to meet your needs, from pre-production right through to the creation of master resources.

Development of middleware

As you probably realize because of our product “Hinomaru Shader,” we are able to provide expressions typically supported by approaches specific to Japanese CG production companies through the use of middleware, and which we believe will surpass both what you request and can imagine.

Development of games

The advantage of our strengths as a graphics design company enables us to develop new games that are visually appealing. We create them while focusing not only on their appearance, but also, and needless to say, their entertainment value.

Company Info

Company name SF Graphics Inc.

5F, NF Building, 2-29-12, Honcho,
Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan

TEL +81-3-5354-5491
FAX +81-3-5354-5492
Business Creation of computer graphics design and development of middleware
Established July 2008

Susumu Watanabe, Representative Director
Yasuyuki Hayashi, Director

Staff members Art director; technical director; designers; programmers (20 persons as of April 2015)
Main clients CRAFTS & MEISTER CO., LTD.
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Mizuho Corp.
Media Vision Inc.
Universal Entertainment Corporation


2008 The graphics design division of SPHERE FRAME Inc. split off and established SF Graphics.
Opened a studio in Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku.

Released a shader plug-in “Hinomaru.”

2012 Susumu Watanabe assumed the Representative Director.
2013 Developed an original game “Bourin ” for smart phones.